Memorial Rules

Procedure for applying to erect a Memorial or a Cremation Tablet:

Written applications must always be submitted to the Brinkworth Parish Council Clerk as detailed below, for any memorial or cremation tablet, prior to any memorial headstone or tablet being installed in the Cemetery. This will be followed by written authority from the Clerk. 

Written application must include details of the type and colour of the memorial and the inscription required. 

Headstones must not be more that 2’6” high and must have a base fitted with a ‘NAMM’ Ground anchor system. To aid identification, a plot number must be inscribed on the headstone. 

Cremation tablets must be no larger than 18” x 18” and can be either a flat tablet or desk type.   

If required, flower vases can be included within the memorial base or cremation tablets. 

Any further inscriptions required to existing memorials, must still have written permission and can be applied for from the Clerk. 

No future kerbs sets will be allowed in the Cemetery due to maintenance and regular grass cutting. 

Wreaths and cut flowers can be placed on any memorials, which should be removed by relatives or a nominated person after 6 weeks. 

Brinkworth Parish Council will remove and dead wreaths including Christmas wreaths after a 6 week period. 

Clerk details 

Mary Evans 

The Old School House 

School Hill 
01666 510 096 
Email address:   

Rules adopted and approved by Brinkworth Parish Council at the general meeting held on 10th July 2017